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RepRESULTS for Course and Department Rep

Rep Vacancies

Rep Elections have concluded and all candidates have been notified. There are still some vacant positions, which are available on a first-come-first-serve basis to any eligible student. If you would like to become a Rep, check the vacancies below and then email 

Rep Vacancies

Programme Reps

Anthropology and Sociology

No vacancies (but if you're really interested, then you're welcome all the same--the more the merrier!)

Arts (School of)

Arts UG Year 1

Arts UG Year 2

Arts UG Year 3

MA Music

MA Global Creative and Cultural Industries

MA Curating Cultures

PG Cert/Dip in Asian Art

MPhil/PhD Arts x2


Development UG Year 3

MA Media in Development

MPhil/PhD Development x2

East Asian Languages and Cultures

EALC UG Year 2

EALC UG Year 3 x3

EALC UG Year 4

MA Chinese Studies

MA Taiwan Studies

MA Korean Studies


Economics UG Year 3

MSc Economics (A)

MPhil/PhD Economics x2

Finance and Management

Finance and Management UG Year 1 x2

Finance and Management UG Year 2

MSc Accounting and Finance

MPhil/PhD Finance and Management x2

History, Religions and Philosophies

HRP UG Year 3

MA Traditions of Yoga and Meditation

MPhil/PhD HRP x2


BA Law Year 3

LLB Year 2 x2

LLB Year 3

LLM/MA Environmental Law

MA Gender Studies

LLM Law and Gender

LLM/MA Human Rights Law

MA Legal Studies

MPhil/PhD Gender Studies x2

MPhil/PhD Law x2

Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

LCL Year 2

LCL Year 3 x2

MA Islamic Studies

MA Linguistics

MA South East and Pacific Asian Studies

MPhil/PhD Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Politics and International Studies

P&IS Year 2 x4

P&IS Year 3 x3

MA Politics of Africa

MA Political Thought

MA Politics of the Middle East

MPhil/PhD P&IS x2

MPhil/PhD Global Studies x2


Department Reps

Anthropology & Sociology PG Research

Arts Undergraduate

Arts PG Taught

Arts PG Research

Development PG Research

Economics PG Taught

Economics PG Research

Finance and Management PG Research

History, Religions and Philosophies PG Research

Law PG Taught

Law PG Research

Languages, Cultures and Linguistics Undergraduate

Politics and International Studies PG Research


After a rep has been elected or appointed, you will be able to find them on the Find My Rep page.

All prospective and elected Reps must read and understand the Volunteer Agreement. Even if you've been a Rep before, you must look at this again as there have been updates.


How many Reps are there?

This number will vary depending on exactly how many students there are and which courses are running.

Programme Reps are the largest group. If all the roles are filled, there would be:

  • One Rep per foundation group
  • One Rep per 50 undergraduate students per year of study
  • One Rep per Master's programme (two reps for very large courses)
  • One MPhil Rep per department
  • One PhD Rep per department.

For Department Reps, once elected there are three reps per department (one undergraduate, one Master's, and one research student).

The figures below are estimates based on data from 4th October 2023.

Total Programme Rep Vacancies: 187

Total Department Rep Vacancies: 30 (there are 10 departments)

Breakdown for Undergraduate Programme Reps

These figures do not include the Foundation College Reps.


Past Election Results


No elections are currently running


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