Our Governance

Find out more about our governance
Find out more about our governance

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Minutes and Accounts

You can view all our minutes and accounts dating back to 2013 here. Please note this information is available to our members and you will need to log into your SOAS account to view the minutes and accounts.



As a Charity SOAS SU is governed by a group of trustees who have the overall responsibility for the SU. The Board has twelve trustees and must have a majority student representation. The four elected officers are Trustees, there are four Student Trustees and four External Trustees. The External Trustees are independent professionals appointed for their skills, experience and knowledge. The Board provides guidance and oversight and they have specific responsibility for the governance, financial and strategic management of the SU.


Sabbatical Trustees

Reem Walid (Chair)

Maryam Choudhary

Jamal Akram


Student Trustees

Hamzah Vargas

Amaan Hayder Chowdhury 

Declan Prout


External Trustees

Aysh Choudhary

Elizabeth Wright

Martin Harris

Dan Doyle

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Term One Co-President Updates

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Tue 19 Dec 2023

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Your four Co-Presidents are elected by the student body and work full time to lead us for a year.

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