Financial Resources and Guidance.
Financial Resources and Guidance.

This page is here to provide general guidance. If you would like to speak to an Advisor please click here.


Managing money during your time as a student can be really challenging. Here at the SU we can give you free advice around budgeting and debt support. 

University Financial support  

You can also get financial support from the university through hardship funds, bursaries and additional supports funds 


Council Tax 

If you are a full time student then you won’t have to pay council tax.  

If you and your household are all registered as full time students , you will be exempt from paying council tax.  If you would like further information on your council tax status please come and speak to SU Advice 

If you are enrolled as a part time student then you may qualify for a discount.   

For further information please see UK governments advice on Student Council tax't%20be,of%20the%20council%20tax%20bill


Free Pads and Tampons at the SU 

The Student Union provides free menstrual products (including pads and tampons). You can get these from the SU shop or the SU offices  


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