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Wellness Insights and Resources.
Wellness Insights and Resources.

This page is here to provide general guidance. If you would like to speak to an Advisor please click here.

Mental Health  

University life can be great whilst also really challenging.  You are juggling your academic studies whilst also trying manage many other things in your personal life such as caring responsibilities, working a part time job or managing physical or mental health challenges.  

At the SU advice we can support you if you are finding life and studies difficult.  We can advise you with getting additional help from the university.  We can also provide you with support options that are outside of SOAS  


Wellbeing support at SOAS University  

The University offers a wide variety of student support.  

Mental Health and counselling  

If you are struggling and feeling down or stressed you can get free counselling sessions with the Student Advice and Wellbeing’s Counselling Team  

Disability and Neurodiversity  

The SOAS Disabilities and Neurodiversity Team can provide specialist advice on the facilities that are available so that you can have a more accessibly friendly experience during your studies.  

You can get support regarding:  

Problems with mobility, seeing or hearing. 

Specific Learning Differences (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD). 

Developmental disorders (such as Autistic Spectrum conditions). 

Mental illness or mental health difficulties. 

Severe disfigurements. 

Unseen, long-term medical conditions such as cancer, HIV/Aids, epilepsy, diabetes. 

Progressive conditions even at an early stage, conditions characterised by a number of cumulative effects such as pain or fatigue and a past history of disability. 

For more information : 


Multi faith Chaplain  

SOAS has a very diverse religious community.  If you are looking for spiritual, religious and emotional support please contact the schools multi-faith chaplain: 


Sexual Health? 

Having awareness of your sexual health during your time at SOAS is essential for your overall wellbeing. At the SU we want to make sure that you are informed and can have a good practice around your sexual health.  

If you need condoms, contraception or STI screening you can find your local services for sexual health through the NHS website: 

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