Learning and Teaching Awards

The Learning and Teaching Awards is your chance as a student to thank staff for their hard work and celebrate the very best of teaching and support at the University.  

Staff play a pivotal role in the student experience at SOAS, from lecturers and tutors to supervisors and personal tutors, and professional services staff. 

Nominations for this year’s awards are now open, closing May 10th the shortlisted candidates will be announced on May 16th.
Listed below are the awards that are up for grabs for the amazing teachers who have made a difference to your university learning experience, alongside some prompts to help you decide.

Note: You can nominate as many categories as you wish. You can also nominate the same staff member for more than one category.


Submit your nomination here


We'd love to hear about staff who: 

  • Engaged you in your learning, whether through the content or the way in which they taught
  • Supported you to challenge yourself academically, expanding your knowledge or skills 
  • Placed your learning in a wider context, broadening your horizons


We'd love to hear about staff who: 

  • Demonstrated a commitment to mentoring and guiding you through your academic endeavors.
  • Shared expertise and provided valuable insights to enrich your research and scholarly pursuits.
  • Encouraged you to explore intellectual curiosity and pursue independent research with confidence.


We'd love to hear about Supervisors who: 

  • Supported you in the writing of your Undergraduate or Postgraduate dissertation or thesis, with advice and guidance 
  • Encouraged you to pursue your own independent academic enquiry, while offering insight based on their own expertise 
  • Provided resources and opportunities to expand the scope or impact of your work


We'd love to hear about staff who: 

  • Implemented creative and effective uses of technology to enhance your learning experience.
  • Utilised technology to foster active participation and engagement among you and your peers.
  • Ensured that technological tools and resources were accessible to all


We'd love to hear about staff who: 

  • Fostered an inclusive learning environment that celebrated diversity and welcomed perspectives from all students.
  • Advocated for equitable opportunities and resources for all students, regardless of their individual circumstances.
  • Demonstrated empathy and understanding towards students with diverse needs and backgrounds, ensuring their voices were heard and respected.


We'd love to hear about professional services staff who: 

  • Provided support during your student journey, whether in your School, accommodation site or a specialist service 
  • Helped things run smoothly and efficiently, making everyone’s lives easier 
  • Pointed you in the right direction so that you could get the support you needed


We'd love to hear professional services staff who:   

  • Actively contributed to creating a sense of belonging and community among students. 
  • Implemented initiatives or programs that fostered a culture of inclusivity and belonging for all students. 
  • Facilitated opportunities for students to connect with each other and with the broader university community. 


We'd love to hear professional services staff who:   

  • Advocated for increased representation and visibility of students from underrepresented groups. 
  • Empowering students to amplify their voices and make meaningful contributions to the university community. 
  • Took proactive steps to ensure that students' achievements, concerns, and perspectives were recognized and addressed. 


We'd love to hear about professional services department who:   

The different departments include Student Advice and Wellbeing, Careers Service, Registry, Learning and Teaching Enhancement (Study Skills), IT Services, Campus Services, etc... 

  • Provided timely and effective support to students facing academic, personal, or other challenges. 
  • Took a holistic approach to student support, considering both academic and personal well-being. 

Submit your nomination here


Things you need to know/ FAQs:

Who can I nominate?

You can nominate any member of staff across the University. All staff employed by the University – whether salaried or hourly – can be nominated. That includes support and professional services staff, administrative staff, tutors, PhD students who teach and supervisors, and lecturers.

When do nominations close?

Nominations will close on 10 May 2024.

Who can nominate?

All students - whether you’re Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research, on-campus or online, studying full or part-time - can nominate.    

Can I submit more than one nomination?

Yes, you can submit as many nominations as you want! You can nominate the same staff member in multiple categories, and you can also nominate multiple staff for the same category.  

What happens after I’ve submitted my nomination?

Once you submit your nomination it will be checked by the SU and the learning and teaching team, to ensure the nominees meet the criteria. Nominees will then be shortlisted, and an email will be sent out to the staff member you’ve nominated, letting them know they have been nominated and sharing your comments with them.

Who chooses the winners?

The teaching awards are student-led. Once nominees have bene shortlisted, the sabbatical officers and the college reps will long list the short-listed nominees.

When will the results be announced?

The results will be announced at the Awards Night.

When is the Awards Night?

The Awards Night will be held on Tuesday 25 June 2024. So, keep an eye out after then for updates on all the winners on our website and socials.



Can I help promote the Teaching Awards?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a staff member, a student representative, or just passionate about great teaching, we’d love for you to encourage students to submit their nominations.

For the students’ nominating, we’d love to get a 30 second clip of you explaining why you’ve chosen that staff member for a chance to attend the Awards night.

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