Union Elections

Students' Union Autumn Elections 2019

This election is for 4 part-time officer roles within the Students' Union, and 2 N.U.S. delegate positions.

4 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 10:00 on Tuesday 1 October 2019 (in 5 weeks and 1 days)

The polls open at 10:00 on Thursday 10 October 2019 (in 6 weeks and 3 days)

Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.



There were no complaints and therefore we ran the count at 6pm on March 7th an hour after elections closed, and the results were announced in the JCR. 

We'd like to thank the candidates for all their hard work and running clean campaigns, and we congratulate them all for running and being a vital part of the SU's democracy!!

We use the Alternative Vote system where people rank their votes in order - and candidates are eliminated until the quota (50% of potential votes) is achieved. This came into play in a few elections below.

Results of SOAS Students' Union Election 2019: 


Post Names Votes round 1 Votes round 2
Co-President Democracy & Education Krish Aurora 319 357
  Maxine Llydia Thomas-Asante 451 530
  Sophie Symmons 231  
  Re-Open Nominations 14  
Co-President Equality and Liberation Archanaa Seker 343  
  Youssra Elmagboul 429  
  Re-Open Nominations 36  
Co-President Welfare & Campaigns Valeria Racu 536  
  Hugh Bendor-Samuel 174  
  Re-Open Nominations 32  


In the following election there was a tie after round 2. In this case we ran the elimination both ways, which had the same outcome.


Post Names Votes round 1 Votes round 2 scenario 1 scenario 2
        (Lyndon excluded) (Giulio excluded)
Co-President Activities & Events Anahita Ghanbari Parsa 228      
  Giulio Grilli Cicilioni 280 310 384  
  Lyndon Nana Yaw Opoku Appiah 254 310   369
  Peadar Connolly-Davey 297 339 405 433
  Re-Open Nominations 10      




Post Names Votes round 1 Votes round 2
Academic Affairs Officer Ciro Puig & Malena Bastida 373 419
  Cornelia Pürschel 154  
  Ahmed Imtiaz 317 345
  Re-Open Nominations 15  
Accommodation Officer Oscar Ward 649  
  Re-Open Nominations 49  
Anti-Racism Officer Hisham Pryce-Parchment & Sohane Yahya 454  
  Taufiq Bin Bambang Sugeng & Nor 287  
  Re-Open Nominations 33  
Campaigns Officer Imogen Kropf 663  
  Re-Open Nominations 36  
Disabled Students and Carers Officer Indigo Ayling 61  
  Re-Open Nominations 2  
Entertainments Officer Charli Keely 576  
  Re-Open Nominations 51  
Environment Officer Inaki Arrizabalaga 588  
  Re-Open Nominations 54  
International Officer Serena N Coulson And Anirudh Srivathsan 569  
  Re-Open Nominations 46  
Sports Officer Miriam Ines Amrani 620  
  Re-Open Nominations 25  
Trans* and Gender Identity Officer Rachel Lindfield & NA 25  
  Re-Open Nominations 1  
Womxn's Officer Nina Bo 100 129
  Lulu Alsugair 86  
  Anabelle Jones & Nare Hakobyan 110 140
  Re-Open Nominations 2  
Working Class Students' Officer Katie Saunders 114  
  Re-Open Nominations 12  
LGBTQIA+ Officer Chris Selwyn 38  
  Hasan Zakria 155  
  Re-Open Nominations 5  
People of Colour Officer Talya Levi-Jo Scott-Mason 134  
  Re-Open Nominations 14  


Thank you so much to everyone who ran, and to everyone who voted and took part in SOAS Students' Union democracy!!!!


From Hannah Short, SOAS S.U. Elections Clerk!


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