Union Elections

This page has everything you need to know about running in SOAS SU elections!


Results of the SU Spring Election for Unfilled Positions:


Entertainments Officer: No nominations

International Officer: Jake Isaac (31), Rakibul Hasan (19), R.O.N (2).

Trans* & Gender Identity Officer: Victor Max Smith & Lizzy Cox (5), R.O.N (2)




1. The Election Process & Voting

2. Contacts and Complaints


This page is for SU Sabbatical and Executive Officer roles. For Student Rep elections, please go to: https://soasunion.org/reps/



Important Documents:

SOAS SU Officer Positions | SOAS SU Elections Handbook | Elections Complaints Form



1. The Election Process & Voting



SOAS Students' Union holds elections in both Spring and Autumn

Spring Elections: 4 sabbatical roles and the majority of the executive officer roles

Autumn Elections: Postgraduate and Mature student officer roles, and any roles unfilled from the Spring


The above timeline shows how our elections work!


You can apply for positions through the above Elections Widget.

If applying for a Liberation Officer position you must first self-identify with that liveration group. You can do this through the Elections Widget by going onto your Profile.

We advise all students to read the above SAOS SU Elections Handbook before nominating yourself for a position!


All voting is done online, also through the above Elections Widget!



2. Contacts and Complaints


The first point of contacts for all things Elections related should be the Elections Clerk:

Jack Di Francesco | jd126@soas.ac.uk | Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator, SOAS SU


All comaplaints should be made via the following form: Complaints Form

You will need to send this form, along with evidence, to the Elections Clerk by no later than 1 hour after Voting Closes.


For complaints against the Elections Clerk, you will need to email the Deputy Returning Officer of the election:

Matthew Clark | mc113@soas.ac.uk | Student Engagement Officer, SOAS



Elections Results Spring 2020


Accommodation Officer Oscar Ward
Anti-Racism Officer Hisham Parchment & Sohane Yahya
Campaigns Officer Ella Spencer
Co-President Activities & Events HASAN ZAKRIA AKA ALLAYAH
Co-President Democracy & Education SABRINA SHAH
Co-President Equality & Liberation ROZA ALEXANDRA ATAC
Co-President Welfare & Campaigns YASMIN ELSOUDA
Disabled Students & Carers Officers Felix Henson and Amba Janiurek
Environment Officer Annabelle Van Dort
LGBTQIA+ Officer Josh Mock
Sports Officer Alex Allen and Emma Thackwray
Working Class Students' Officers Katie Saunders and Michael Shand

View the Spring 2020 Election online hustings 

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