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SOAS Students' Union Elections


1. Elections Overview

2. Upcoming Elections

3. Autumn 2020 Election: Results


1. Elections Overview

SOAS Students' Union holds annual elections in the Autumn and Spring terms to elect our 4 full-time Sabbatical Officers and 17 part-time Executive Officers. We also hold separate Autumn elections for our Student Reps, with more information on these elections available from our Student Reps minisite.

All members of SOAS Students' Union are allowed to run and vote in an SU Election!

The timeline for our elections typically runs as follows:

  1. Nominations Open: You can begin to nominate yourself for a position in the election
  2. Nominations Close: The deadline by which you must have completed your nomination to run in the election
  3. Candidate Meeting: A compulsory meeting for all nominees to discuss the election rules
  4. Campaigning Starts: You can begin campaigning
  5. Candidate Hustings: Students get the opportunity to ask you questions at a publice meeting (Spring elections only)
  6. Voting Opens: Students can start voting in the election
  7. Campaigning Ends and Voting Closes: The deadline for students to have submitted votes
  8. Complaints Deadline: The deadline for any complaints to be received, typically 1 hour after voting closes
  9. Results Announced: We announce the results of the election!


Nominations and voting are done online through this web page. This page will be updated closer to the date of the next election with links you'll need to nominate yourself and vote!


Interested in running?

Important Documents


2. Upcoming Elections

The next scheduled SU Election is Spring 2021. More details will be published closer to the election - check back soon!


The timeline for this election is:

  1. Nominations open
  2. Nominations close
  3. Candidate meeting
  4. Voting opens
  5. Voting closes
  6. Complaints deadline
  7. Results announced


3. Autumn 2020 Election: Results

Entertainments Officer:

  • Rima Koley: 72 votes
  • Edoardo Montin: 35 votes
  • R.O.N: 5 votes

Mature Students Officer:

  • Sara Lloyd-Knibbs: 49 votes
  • Saddam Hakim: 14 votes
  • R.O.N: 1 vote

Postgraduate Taught Officer:

  • Mohamed Limame Melainine: 77 votes
  • Ehsan Daoud: 28 votes
  • Fez Endalaust: 27 votes
  • R.O.N: 1 vote
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