Antonia Bright

Representation and Research

I have responsibility toward the student rep system. In this area I mostly work with the S.U Democracy and Education Sabbatical, and the Academic Affairs part time officer(s). Student reps take up issues within their course or faculty. We (in the S.U.) provide training, and organise the network that links reps across the school. This provides important support, and fresh ideas.

If you’re interested in being a Student Rep, or want to know more about it, just ask! We maintain a mini-site about student reps. I can be found in the SU offices, in Russell Sq but only for four days of the week - I’m a part-timer. You can always email too.

I also provide assistance and advice regarding research. This can involve many different aspects, including running our regular surveys to gage the views of students, student reps and the S.U student-staff; conducting discussion groups to look more in-depth into aspects of the student experience; and bringing together the strands of data and pieces of research that already exist elsewhere, (like external surveys and research). This is all about using research to inform and assist the Union to influence student's experience and education, and inform the Union's priorities and strategic plan.


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