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I am Sushant Singh, pronouns he/him, Citizenship Indian.

I am a practicing advocate in India where I focused on Criminal law and Human Rights cases. I studied LL.M. in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice (2021-2022).


My Manifesto

Dear Friends,

I am Sushant Singh (he/his), a post-graduate student (LL.M. in Human Rights, Conflict & Justice) at SOAS. In a limited time, I realised that SOAS has a lot of loopholes as an Institute, and only students/ workers are left out to suffer in the end. As a student activist, it is a matter of deep concern for me and I would like to contribute one year from my life to make SOAS a better place for everyone.


Since 2011, I had been taking a strong stand against the administration for the welfare of the student body/ security guards/ housekeeping, and other staff in the university. For the past four years, being a barrister/ Solicitor in India I represented an underprivileged and needful section of the society in the court of law to claim their rights.


Now, being part of the SOAS it is my duty to identify and resolve the issues of the student’s community (Race, Gender, Caste, Sexuality, Disability, Mental Health and, Inclusivity of small sections).


We are part of the SOAS community and I undertake to perform my duties to provide a safe comfortable space for the entire student body. Needless to mention, if ever, there is a contradiction between the administration and students. I will always be on the side of the students as a frontline warrior.


I am contesting for the position of Welfare & Campaigns (2022-2023). Kindly show your support by your valuable vote and provide me an opportunity to serve you all.


Here s a brief idea of my plan of action.


  • No action policy against students who participate in a protest against SOAS.

  • Proposal for Diversity in faculty from sections (i.e., transgender/ LGBTQ+, etc).

  • Boycott against the faculty for using derogatory words or statements in their private/ public life.

  • END SOAS relationship with all companies/organizations helping in crime by providing arms in any country.

  • Strengthen Faculty - Student Association to fulfill the demands of the faculty.

  • Campaign for students’ representation against oppression in their home country.

  • Issuance of clear stand and in solidarity statement’s with minority groups on platforms of SOAS.

  • Campaign for Justice for workers and subsides fees for their children.

  • Campaign against privatization of D grade employees' work.

  • Campaign for Put ‘A’ back in SOAS.


Fees Demands for the students:

  • Interest-free loan for the student’s tuition fees from SOAS.

  • Reduced/subsidized fees for the first-generation learners.

  • Equivalent fees for national/ international students.

  • Proposal to create small community-based scholarships.

  • No adverse action against the students for late submission of fees.

  • Create Alumni Network for funding tuition fees of current students.

  • A set up of Crowdfunding team to help to promote crowdfunding requests.


  • Demand to temporarily allocate vacate rooms for needful students.

  • Utilize funds to provide subsidized accommodation to underprivileged students.

  • Work with various property agencies to provide cheaper studio apartments to SOAS students.

  • 50% Travel refunds for students traveling zone 3 and beyond.

Social Inclusion:

  • Organize Intra College Cultural and Sports Fest.

  • Social gathering of students at the beginning of each term.

  • Special interaction sessions between Post graduation/Ph.D. with Under graduation.

  • Batch meetings with faculty.

  • Annual General Body meeting with Director and students.

  • Mentorship Programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • Ensure active participation of underprivileged sections and minorities.

  • Organize special learning programs for needful students.

  • Special event for Interaction with Alumni Network.

  • Create an easy network with Alumni of each department.


  • Easy process to start a society at SOAS.

  • Increase funds for the society.

  • Proposal to have an annual cultural fest with all relevant societies.


  • Zero Tolerance policy for any kind of Discrimination.

  • Increase number of Self Certification Assessments.

  • No time limit for extension in Mental Health (Mitigating Circumstances).

  • Two days’ response policy - strict policy for the response of SU emails and sending out regular updates on students' requests/ complaints.

  • Demand for an increased limit of Hardship funds.

All communication to SU will remain confidential and anonymous. Suggestion/ Complaint box will be installed at the entrance of the building.

Thank you


Sushant Singh


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