Arianna Simonetta
Arianna Simonetta

Part Time Students Officer

Arianna Simonetta




My name is Arianna and I am your part time student officer for 2021/2022. First of all, thanks for your support and trust during this election. This is my first time in the SU, and I am very pleased to cover this role. Originally from Italy, I am in my second and final year of the MA in Social Anthropology, and as a part time student myself I understand the challenges to combine studies with work and other commitments. I am motivated to make SOAS a more engaging and supportive space for part time students. Please feel free to reach me out by email. I am here to support you! Ciao :-)


My Manifesto

"There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in." (Leonard Cohen)

Hello everyone, my name is Arianna and I am in my second year of the MA in Social Anthropology. This year I will run as your part time student officer at SOAS. As a part time student myself, I am aware of the challenges this may involve, such as lack of connection with peers and lecturers, or in some cases lack of motivation.

I am here to support you in your challenges and to involve you in social events, online or in person, while listening to your voices. This will be done through surveys and a WhatsApp group where I will be able to respond timely to your queries and concerns.

Together we can make the part time learning experience more enjoyable, thanks to changes and initiatives that I will liase with the School to improve your experience and welfare.


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