Union Officers

The Union Officers are here to support you! 

At SOAS SU we have 4 full-time Co-Presidents, 6 representatives of the liberation caucuses, 8 open-portfolio roles and one representative of the Research Students Association. Each of our Co-Presidents was voted in by the student body during a Union Election, and is here to represent you within the Union and the School.




Portfolio Officers

Anti-Racism Action Officer: Myron Michaelides

Arts and Culture Officer: Ravi Agarwal

Sustainability Officer: Vishnu P R

International Students Officer: Harshul Singh

Students Against Securitisation and Surveillance Officer: Sam Landis

Afrikan Studies Officer: VACANT

Mental Health Awareness Officer: VACANT

Cost of Living Officer: VACANT


Liberation Delegates

Black Students Delegate: Tanita Joyce Evans Lewis

Women’s Delegate: Veera Lakshmi Ramayah

LGBTQ+ Students Delegate: Pragya Bansiwal

Disabled Students Delegate: Upasana Dandora 

Trans* and Gender Identity Delegate: VACANT

Working Class Students Delegate: VACANT


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