Annual General Meeting

The 2019/20 SOAS SU AGM was held online due to covid-19, hosted as an interactive booklet. A form was opened for 2 weeks following the launch of this booklet to allow for student questions and comments, which would be collated to form 'minutes' of the AGM. However, no students submitted anything via this form and as such there are no minutes for this meeting.

Trustee Board Meetings

Trustee Board decisions without a meeting - under our constitution some decisions can be made by the Trustee Board without a meeting. The following decisions were made with Trustee approval, with quorum for decision met and unanimous approval

The Trustee Board approved the decision to set up a Crisis Response Group as a committee of the Trustee Board on 12th March 2020 The group was set up to make critical decisions about the operations of SOAS SU in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and shut down of SOAS campus. 

The group met 4 times across March & April [27th March, 3rd, 4th & 23rd April] and made decisons without a meeting on 20th April & 10th June relating to extending staff furlough leave in line with the national Job Retention Scheme.

These are the reports and decisions made by the CRG. Sensitive and confidential information relating to staff and commercial sensitivity have been redacted.

Union General Meetings




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