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Sylheti Language Society


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We meet to develop lessons and teaching materials that don’t yet exist for the Sylheti language! We practice teaching to members of the society. It’s an opportunity to learn the *Sylheti language and gain language teaching skills. Members are encouraged to each eventually teach (or co-teach) a lesson (but attendance to just learn and experience the Sylheti language is fine!). We want Sylheti to be discussed as the real language it is, not ‘improper Bengali’.

*Sylheti is an Indo-Aryan language with Tibeto-Burman influences, spoken by a minority in north-eastern Bangladesh and south Assam, India, where it is often considered to be a mere 'dialect' of Bengali. However, it is a language, with hundreds of thousands of speakers in the UK, who, for lack of documentation and teaching materials, among other reasons, simply call it 'Bengali'.