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Korea Society


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Whether you're a Korean student at SOAS, majoring in Korean Studies, or just interested in the rich and diverse culture that Korea offers, SOAS Korea Society is the place you've been looking for!

SOAS Korea Society brings SOAS together through fun and informative events with people from all over the world by sharing their knowledge and interest on the continuously growing popular "Land of the Morning Calm". Throughout the year, we will be hosting various activities such as language exchanges, Korean film screenings, fun contests, Korean food events, cultural workshops and other exciting events all online!


We will also keep you up-to-date with any Korea-related events taking place in London, job and internship opportunities, and any infomation you may need if you're planning a trip to Korea.


If you have any questions or requests, you can contact us by e-mail (soaskoreasoc@gmail.com), or go to our Facebook group page (facebook.com/groups/soaskoreasociety/). Also we have recently created our Instagram page (@soaskoreasociety_official) so follow us and get to see the activity photos.  

We would love to have you on board, alumnus or freshers! Feel free to pop by any of our events or join our groupchat via our Facebook page!

I hope we can spend an amazing year together!


SOAS Korea Society