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Emailing your student group

You can send emails using the student mailing lists.

These are single email addresses set up using criteria that point to multiple accounts that fit that criteria - e.g "all the first year undergrads studying Music" would be "UG1-music-L@soas.ac.uk". If you represent that group it will help to know the email to contact them without having to make a list yourself.

(The school cannot share any list of individual student emails, even if you are a Rep).

The mailing lists allow students to email your own department year group, or programme of studies. If you need to contact students on a different course either talk to other reps who may have access, or go through the SU.


All lists are configured to allow posting only from SOAS email addresses (user_id@soas.ac.uk)screenshot of inet log in page

There are instructions on which mailing list you can post to. 

  • Genreal Lists: Students can post to their own yearlist and degree type.
  • Programme of Study Lists: All students to their own Programme
  • Course Lists: Students to their own courses

Note, the mailing lists are good for annoucements, reporting information to students or to share links to somewhere more interactive. In the past Reps have found email is not normally the best way to get feedback.

There are other methods to explore and combine with email - these will be dscussed in training and networking in October / Novemeber once reps are elected.



Step 1:

Go to inet.soas.ac.uk, and log in using your SOAS id and password. 

This is the 'single sign-on' page for several functions including changing how your email appears. 


Step 2:

Once you are in, you will see a list of things you can do. Go to 'Browse the student mailing lists'.iNet menu screenshot




Step 3:

You then search which list you need!

Copy the address into your SOAS email to send to that group. You dont need to keep checking iNet, once you know the right address you can just use it any time.


Of course, overdoing emails can put people off from reading them. It's best to make sure your emails are relevant and dont be too repetitious. All emails using SOAS' system must be inline with SOAS policy. There are links and details of the policies in the iNet site.



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