General questions

What is the role of a Student Rep?
This helpful Role Description should help explain what to expect, how reps benefit, and the kind of time commitment it requires.

How can I get the latest updates or share live documents?

A key resource is the Reps Shared Folder on googledrive. Only reps have access, and it contains resources and notes from meetings which you can read / amend or upload your own minutes etc.

How does SOAS monitor quality? How do students get involved?
Find out about the termly PPR's and QAA's HERE

How are Research students represented?
Find out about the Research Student Association, and research student reps HERE

Who represents students at the highest levels?
The school is governed through a committee structure which derives from Governing Body, delegatings responsibilities at several levels. The S.U officers represent students voice on most committees.

What if I have a complaint?
There are a few routes to making a complaint, depending on what it is about. This page may give you the relevant link.


SOAS jargon

CILT Centre for Inclusive Learning and Teaching
EDI Equality Diversity and Inclusion
HR Human Resources
IT Information and Technology
SAaW Student Advice and Wellbeing







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