Training, Knowledge and Resources for Reps


The Handbook

The Rep Handbook guides you through the role with a detailed contents page to find what you are looking for.

Link to the Handbook as a pdf document.


Link to the accessible word version of the Handbook


Student Support and Enquiry Pathways

This guidance covers the school's support services, and is put together into a chart for Reps to refer to easily.

Download an extensive chart of support and enquiry pathways available from school services.


The Students' Union is a source of advice and support, and is led by students. A chart showing how the S.U works together with Student Reps can be accessed here: S.U support paths.

How To Do Things … Guidance for Reps

The videos here give technical guidance to help with contacting fellow students. If there is something else you think we should cover drop an email to and we will see what we can do.


Students can log in to see who their Rep is - using the "Find My Rep" search page. Reps may want to add information to their profile on the S.U website

Video: How to edit your profile


Reps can use the website to email the student they represent. Each departmental cohort is broken into 'Representation Groups' all of which have one or more Rep posts. The Reps elected to a post in that cohort have a shared space from which to send an email to students, and you can see what each other has sent or work jointly to draft what you want to send

Video: How to draft and send an email to your student group


Reps can also use the school mailing lists - these are email addresses that you use to contact specific student groups based on what they study. Any student can send to these emails, but are limited to the course and year group they are enrolled in. The mailing lists will only work from a SOAS email account.

Video: How to use the school mailing list


Role Descriptors and Terms of References

The Core Student Representatives Role Description.

Link to the Student Representative role description as a pdf.


The School-level Representatives Role Description.

Link to the School-level role description as a pdf.

School-level Reps attent the monthly Student Feedback Panel (SFP). See the SFP Membership and Terms of Reference in pdf.


Rep Liaison Roles – Terms of Reference.

  1. The Library Service.

    Library Liaison terms of Refence in pdf.

  2. The SOAS Careers Service.

    Careers Liaison terms of Refence in pdf.

  3. Student Advice and Wellbeing.

    See the Advice and Wellbeing Student Liaison Terms of Reference in pdf.

  4. The Access and Student Success Team.

    Access and Student Success Liaison Terms of Reference in pdf.



Accessible Word Versions

Downloadable Role Descriptions and Liaison Terms of References are available as Word documents at this link.

Volunteer Agreement

The Volunteer Agreement stipulates the expectations and relationship between Reps, the School and the Students' Union.

The Volunteer Agreement in pdf.


Accessible word versions of all documents can be accessed here.




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