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Autumn Term Report (of 2014)

SOAS China Institute Masters (full time)

1) Communication Channels

As we are a small group of students (5), the most convenient way to communicate has been a mixture of formal and informal - thus, day-to-day, we communicate through an established 'Whatsapp' group, and when I have to report back formally, I do so though SOAS email e.g. feedback from meetings.

Actions still outstanding: none

2) Checking in/Giving Support

In my first introductory message, I explained my role, how they could contact me, and that they had my full support throughout the year. So far, nobody has contacted me about any outstanding issues, feedback etc.

Actions outstanding: Follow-up with peers (active rather than passive) to see if there is anything I can feed back from them, rather than just myself.

3) Attending department-level meetings.

I attended the SOAS China Institute's first meeting of the year with other department staff, which was really insightful and useful for understanding different staffs' roles. I was able to feedback on points that students had raised about assessments, and following this, we had personal feedback from the director, which was highly useful. I forwarded all relevant information e.g. minutes, from this meeting, supporting transparency of information within the department.

Outstanding actions: Follow-up to ensure that all students were satisfied with the outcome; obtain student testimonies for the SCI website.

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Ethical Careers Fair and Conference
25th April 11am - 7pm
Brunei Gallery
Careers Fair and panel talks
PPR Politics and International Studies
1st May 9am - 4pm
Programme Review panel meets students
PPR Interdisciplinary Studies
5th June 9am - 5:30pm
Panel meets students face-to-face