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About Us 

Hello and welcome to the SOAS Bangla Society! After another hugely successful year, we are planning to have even more events! The aim of our society is to embrace, empower and educate on Bengali culture within our SOAS community. Here you will find a space to explore all that this rich region has to offer and engage with bengal-enthusiasts!

So whether you're here with a burning passion for regional politics, an interest in the arts of Bengal or just in it for some cha with fellow Bengalis, we have something for everyone.


Aamar sonaar baangla, aami tomay bhalobasi.
Chirodin tomar aakash, tomar baatas, ogo aamar praane baajay baanshi.

"My golden Bengal, i love you.
Forever your skies, your air set my heart in tune as if it were a flute" - Opening couplet, Bangladeshi Anthem


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