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Welcome to the Islamic Society, one of the largest and most diverse societies at SOAS with an eclectic mix of individuals from all walks of life sharing the faith of Islam. As representatives of Islam and Muslims on campus, we at the ISoc endeavour to exemplify this beautiful message to foster a greater sense of community, provide a platform for interaction and promote interfaith dialogue.

Over the course of the academic year we offer a wide range of events and services, including talks by prominent speakers, socials and dinners as well as organising weekly Friday prayers, catering to the needs of Muslim students helping them to develop spiritually, socially and academically. In addition to our regular events we also hold our annual campaigns such as “Charity Week” and “Islam Awareness Week” providing plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

The Islamic Society welcomes all students, those of faith and those of none, to share in our vision and effort to promote a more cohesive and inclusive University experience inspired by Islamic values. The SOAS Islamic Society is your society, so join us and start your journey.

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