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SOAS Iranian Society is an informal, open and casual platform for all things Iran-related at SOAS.

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We're a little bit late to the party, but we hope you don't mind! We're so excited for this upcoming year. 

SOAS has long been a site of academic and cultural discourse for Iranians in London. SOAS's Iranian Society has been active since October 2010, it is student led and acts as an open and friendly platform for all things Iran-related. 

SOAS Iranian Society is committed to bringing together those who share an interest in Iran and Iranian culture at SOAS in an informal and casual network, alongside hosting or supporting a number of different events on campus and beyond. SOAS Iranian Society is committed to preserving, celebrating and engaging with Iranian culture across through discourses and discussions of related academia, art, culture, tradition and history. We’re committed to creating platforms and spaces were those invested and interested in Iranian culture can feel comfortable in engaging in Iranian social events. This will be done through film screenings, panel discussions, acoustic and digital musical productions and celebrations of Iranian traditions. We also network with our counter parts at nearby London universities and institutions in related departments at SOAS and organisations based in the wider Iranian community.

To keep up-to-date with us please follow us on social media, and please dont hestitate to email us if you have any questions. 

Instagram: @soasiraniansociety

Facebook: SOAS Iranian Society 




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