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Art! The burning crimson reds swimming in volcanos of gold. Blisters of coral orange glistening around oceans of deep green. Pools of psychedelic purple oozing from sprinkles of magenta. Vapours of midnight blue swaying over layers of taupe. A peaceful alternate world amidst this chaotic reality. When there are no words left to express, we pick up our paint brush and swirl it around our canvas. We doodle. We draw. We create deep gray mountains below the bright shining stars. We create soothing sunset landscapes with calm water. We create our own abstract art. We imagine. We experiment. We paint. 


Join us for chill painting sessions, trips to galleries and many more relaxing events! 

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  • London Art Supplies MASTERLIST

    List of art supply places around London whether you're looking for premium quality or cheap practice stuff. We'll update the list as and when we hear of other places around town. Let us know if we've left off any of your favourites

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