ABACUS stands for Association of British and Chinese University Students. Its aim is to promote and celebrate Chinese culture and language within the community.

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ABACUS – Association of British and Chinese University Students.

The Association of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS) is a society that embraces both British and Chinese culture. As a society we are dedicated in creating a meaningful and inclusive society that promotes Chinese culture and heritage.



Abacus is an inclusive society that welcomes anyone with interest in Chinese culture. We as a committee are dedicated in ensuring that all our members make the best memories and experiences in university. To have the best university experience we believe it is important to fully embrace ourselves into working hard and playing hard. Being part of ABACUS, we have the playing hard sorted for you!


We at SOAS ABACUS know that going to university can be a daunting thing, so we’re here to help you along that path, whether you’re a fresher new to everything, looking for a friend to guide you around; or a third year wanting to complain about finals for the fiftieth time. Remember, you don't have to be British or Chinese to join! Like SOAS, we share a passion for multiculturalism in all its guises, and ABACUS is about embracing that mix through an appreciation of Chinese heritage and culture.


As one of the 7 universities in LONDON ABACUS, together with Queen Mary, UCL, LSE, Kings College, Imperial College, and Goldsmith, we host several intercollegiate social events, ranging from casual gatherings like dinners, our notorious clubbing events and our boat party that is held on the River Thames. As a society our goal is to provide SOAS students to have the opportunity to join the large network of people that is LONDON ABACUS!


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