Mandé Strings / Kora Society

This society is an opportunity for students to collectively celebrate all things Kora. We invite you to be apart of a broader push for African music at SOAS, using this instrument as our voice!

About Us

This instrument has a enjoyed a history with SOAS that we hope to revive and take on new journeys, exploring a broader musical culture that is dynamic and alive.

We aim to facilitate a safe space for people to share their knowledge and experience; invite people to explore a possibly new instrument in it's different cultural contexts; and ultimately bring collective joy to the students of SOAS through a celebration of African music.

In terms of the music: we will have regular sessions to learn and play Kora; there will be guest workshops with specialised musicians from various backgrounds; eventually we will perform as a group to share the possibilities of this instrument with others outside of the society.

Each session will be an opportunity for everyone to input what they would like to get our of this society, and as students we will help build a strong legacy of the Kora, and African music, at SOAS.

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