Global Majority 4 Planet Repairs

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Aim & Objective

Global Majority for Planet Repairs (GM4PR) society aims to support students in making their time at SOAS practically relevant to communities glocally by providing an inter-communal and intercultural space of glocal dialogue and action learning for students, workers and communities towards Planet Repairs. We also aim to popularise, highlight the importance of, and support the implementation of the Decolonising SOAS Vision (2017).


GM4PR society is part of the formations institutionalising the Planet Repairs Action Learning Education Revolution (PRALER) within SOAS and supporting the activities of Walter Rodney Freedom Square.

Activities & Events

We will be hosting conversations with community educators, scholar-activists, popular education institutions and processes, communities in Afrika, Asia and Abya Yala and facilitating action learning processes towards Planet Repairs. As well as meals, music, panels and community engagement work.

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