Fight Racism Fight Imperialism

A society to organise revolutionary students at SOAS against racism and imperialism.

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The Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! SOAS Society aims to campaign against discrimination and exploitation, starting at our university. The name Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is from the independent political newspaper produced by the Revolutionary Communist Group with contributions and support from people in Britain and around the world. The paper is used in the streets as a campaigning tool by people fighting for social justice and equality. We aim to arm people with knowledge as the basis of collective action.


We are meeting every two weeks and holding public meetings every month. We are also looking to join campaigns and movements within the university and beyond. The Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Society is democratic. It is open to anyone as long as you agree with our struggle against capitalism and imperialism. All society members are urged to contribute to the running of the society, including proposals for areas where we should be focusing our work.


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