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Welcome to new students from Reem!

Hi everyone

I’m Reem, one of your SU co-presidents this year!

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS on being accepted into SOAS for your next step- whether that is an undergrad, masters or pHD you are now part of community with a rich history and extraordinary reputation that long proceed all of us, so welcome- you're in for a ride!

You might be here to get a degree, but one of the biggest parts of any university experience is the Students’ Union (SU). We are that middle ground between the university and students here to represent you and your interests, making sure your time here is as smooth sailing & fun as possible.

That ranges anywhere from facilitating societies and sports; supporting students with wellbeing as they go through the highs and lows of university; to aiding and creating campaigns on relevant issues. So, whether you want to be an activist, or just want to find a community to have a good time there is a space for you here!

As your Democracy & Education Co-president I’m a huge believer that while the university gets you that certificate at the end, your informal education you get here is what preps you for life. I want to focus on equipping as many people as possible with the skills and knowledge to feel confident enough to contribute to our vibrant university community – because we all deserve to be represented on our campus.

I want you to look back and feel as though you have made the most of these next few years, so if there is anything you want to see from us, we are more than happy to listen.

Make sure to come and say hello once we are back on campus, I’m excited to meet you all!

Find out more about Reem and her goals for the year here.


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Tue 19 Dec 2023

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