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Weekly Newsletter 20th September 2023

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In this weeks newsletter: 

- Freshers Fortnight events

- Worldmaking Beyond SOAS and Univeristy Updates

- External Opportunities 

SU Spotlight: Countdown to Freshers Fortnight

Imagine two weeks of pure, immaculate university bliss - that's freshers fortnight for you. Get ready for a whirlwind adventure that will enable you to experience an unforgettable freshers experience. Let the countdown to freshers begin, as we are getting ready to welcome you all in just under a week.


See all our event here!


Upcoming SU Events: Freshers Fortnight

23rd September 2023

• Halls Weekend (10am - 4pm)

   Dinwiddy and Paul Robeson

   No ticket required

Pizza and Ping Pong (7pm - 10pm)


Tickets available here:



24th September 2023

Halls Weekend (10pm - 1pm) 

  Dinwiddy and Paul Robeson

  No tickets required

Picnic in the park (1pm -3pm) 

  St Georges Park

  Tickets available here

Cosy Movie Night (7pm - 10pm)


   Tickets available here


25th September 2023

Bring Your Parents to Uni (12:30pm -   3pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

Yoga on the Green (2:30pm - 3:30 pm) 

  The Green

 Tickets available here

Masters and Mocktails(7pm - 11pm) -   SU Bar

  Tickets available here

26th September 2023

Macmillian Coffee Morning (10am - 12pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

Scavengar Hunt(1pm - 3pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

PGR and Prosecco (7pm - 11pm) - SU Bar with the RSA

  Tickets available here


27th September 2023

City Farm Day (1pm - 3pm) 

  Spitafields Farm

  Tickets available here

Podcasting 101 (4pm - 6pm)

  MB 545

  Tickets available here

Silent Disco (7pm - 11pm)

  SU Bar

  Tickets available here

28th September 2023

Open Top Bus Tour (12pm - 4pm)

  Meet on campus steps 

    Tickets available here

International Students Mixers (5pm -   8pm) - JCR

    Tickets available here

Open Air Cinema (7pm - 10pm) 

  Senate House Steps

    Tickets available here 

29th September 2023

Fresher's Fayre(11am - 4pm)

  SOAS Campus

  No ticket required

Society Mash Up (7pm- 11pm)

  SU Bar

  Tickets available here

30th September 2023

Parents and Carers Picnic (12pm -   4pm)

  The Green

  Tickets available here

1st October 2023

Wholesome Sunday Vibes (All Day)

  Self-guided tours

2nd October 2023

Campaigns Fair (1pm - 3pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

Podcasting 101 (4pm - 6pm) - MB 545

  Tickets available here

Global WTF(5pm - 7pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

Postgrad Quiz Night (7pm - 11pm) - SU Bar

  Tickets available here

3rd October 2023

Breakfast Club - International(10am - 12pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

Enough is Enough Street Party(2pm -   4pm) - Precinct

  Tickets available here 


4th October 2023 

Breakfast Club - Postgrad (10am -         12pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

Liberation Caucus Meet and Greet          (2pm - 3pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

Wednesday Night Sports Night (7pm -    11pm) - JCR

  Tickets available here

5th October 2023

•  Cultural Kareoke Riff Off (7pm - 11pm)

   SU Bar

   Tickets available here



6th October 2023

Jummah Prayer (1pm - 2pm)

  The Green

  Tickets available here

Comedy Night(7pm - 11pm)

  SU Bar

  Tickets available here

7th October 2023

Recreational Sports in the Park(12pm    - 3pm) - Regents Park

   Tickets available here

Late License (8pm - 2am) - SU Bar

   Tickets available here


8th October 

Back to Uni Chill Vibes (2pm - 6pm)

  JCR + SU Bar    

  Tickets available here




SU News Bulletin


London By Postcode 

Looking for an opportunity to share London's hidden gems to freshers? 
Attached below is an ongoing form that enables students  to fill in information about their favorite spots in the city, whilst enabling others to make the most of the information being passed through.
Click here for more information. 


Society Membership

The SOAS SU has over 100 societies to offer freshers over the upcoming year. Signing up for socities is a key to unlocking a world of exciting opportunities, form new friendships, and enable personal growth.

Society sign up is now open on the SU website, so login to your student account and explore which society best suits you.


SOAS SU Advice

Did you know that SOAS SU provides independant advice to students on a range of issues from mitigating circumstances, appeals and wellbeing?


Have a look at the support area of our website and if you need advice please get in touch. 


Register to Vote


Finally, remember that as a student you can register to vote at two addresses (although you can only vote once during General Elections).


This means that you'll be able to vote in local elections taking place next year and you'll be able to vote from your term time address if a General Election is called, and it's likely that one will take place during or before Autumn next year. You can register to vote at your term time address here.

Guidance about who can vote is available here: 



University Updates

Worldmaking Beyond SOAS

Module Sign Up for New Students

The Equity and Accountability unit is thrilled to announce the launch of this year’s Worldmaking Beyond SOAS to build collaborative work that sparks community and imagination for racially just futures beyond SOAS. 


They are incubating short-term projects, each of them focusing on different elements of climate justice- from collaborating with local organisations in Sri Lanka and the Phillipines, to getting involved in community gardens in South London. Find out more and register to participate in the different projects on the school's website.  

Module Sign-up for new students will be open from 7 September until 3 October 2023. (New students will receive an email outlining what to do after 7 September 2023).


Access the Module sign-up system


Support at SOAS


We know that University can be great, but it can also be tough. We want to ensure that all students are aware of the support services available at SOAS.



External Opportunities, Events and Updates

Here's where we update you about some of the opportunities, events and updates that are taking place outside of SOAS which we think might interest you!


Musically talented? Seeking an audience? 

The Bloomsbury Festival is taking place between the 13-22nd October.

there is a call out for pop-up performances on the 13th October, that will take place on Store Street. 

The festival coordinators are accepting student performers, so anyone who is interested in taking part in day one of the festival send an email to, with a description of what you want to perform. 

Click to find out more about the festival.


Kenya Summit

De Montfort University, in collaboration with the Kenya High Commission, is delighted to invite Kenyan students from SOAS university to the 4th UK-Kenya students conference on the 7th of October, 2023,  at De Montfort University, Leicester.


Click to find out more about the Conference.

Need support? Click on this link to see the Report and Support options available to you at SOAS. 


If you would like your event to be featured in this newsletter, please register your event on the SU's website through your society page. 


If you have anything else to contribute to the newsletter, please email:   


Tammy Guerrero


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