Want to make a society event on the S.U. website?

Download the instructions here


Make an event on the S.U. Website


1. On the SU webpage click on the Hammer and Spanner icon and click ‘Events Admin’


2. It’ll show you all the upcoming events. Click ‘Add New Event’


3. Fill in all your event details


And once completed click ‘View Event’


Your event details will then appear

And it’ll also appear on the Events page. 

You're done!!




Another route to setting up society events!

1. Find your pencil on the top right of your webpage and select admin tools



2. Click the events option from the Admin Screen and ‘Add new event’.



3. It’ll give you the option to search existing events or to add a new event.


4. Here you can add in event details such as Name, Date (You must ensure that the dates are in this format DD/MM/YY and the time is in 24-hour format (00:00) – a common mistake here is to simply put a full stop in the time format – this won’t work, it needs to be a colon otherwise the system will say there is an error), Tag line, Location, and the main WYSIWYG editor again.



5. And voila! Remember to hit ‘Save’ when you are done!



Your event will appear on your webpage



And it’ll also appear on the SU’s events page too!



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