Want to Add Something to the Students' Union email?

SOAS Students' Union sends an all student's email throughout term to the student body at SOAS. This email is collated by the SU's Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator (Jack Di Francesco) and is made up of articles submitted by SOAS students!

If you have an event you want to advertise, a campaign you'd like promoted, or any news relevant to the SOAS student body you can submit this to be input into the all student email. There are some restrictions as to what can be included as we aim to make sure content is relevant to SOAS students and not a platform for advertising external, non-relevant, events. If unsure please submit your article anyway and we will let you know if it's appropriate for the all student email - if it's relevant to SOAS students you should be alright!

To submit an article please email Jack Di Francesco at jd126@soas.ac.uk with the text you'd like included in the email.

Currently Students' Union emails are being sent weekly, however as the academic year starts these will become more frequent. Emails will be limited to 8 articles max. to make sure they aren't an information overload. Any submitted articles will be included in the first available email!

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