UK Election: Register to Vote!

A general election was recently called in the UK and it's important that if you are eligible to vote you register!


General Election: 12th December 2019

Deadline to Register to Vote: 26th November 2019


The upcoming general election looks to vote in Members of Parliament (MPs) who will pass laws and policies. The number of MPs from different parties can affect which political party is in power. Information on parties can be found in their manifestos, which will be published online before the election itself.


Who is eligible to vote?:

To vote in a UK General Election you must be:

1. Over 18

2. A British, Irish or "Qualifying" Commonwealth citizen

3. Resident in the UK (or abroad, but have been registered to vote in the UK previously)

4. Not be legally excluded from voting

(More information on eligibility can be found here:


How to Register:

Registering to vote takes 5 MINUTES and can be done here:

You can find out if you've already registered here:

You will need to know your National Insurance Number to register to vote. If you do not know yours you can find it out here: or you can apply for one here:


How to Vote:

As a student you can register to vote in London and also in your home town, although you can only vote in 1.

In Person: You can vote in person by attending your local polling station on December 12th. You will be sent a polling card to your address to tell you where you can go to vote - you have to attend this polling station. You can vote even if you've lost your polling card and you do not need to bring any ID (unless you live in Northern Ireland, where you need to show photo ID).

You will receive your voting ballot in the voting station and instructions on how to fill it out will be provided in the station. You can contact your local Electoral Registration Office for more info on your local polling station and any accessibility needs you may have. 

By Proxy: You may nominate someone to vote on your behalf if: you are away on polling day, you have a medical issue or disability, or you are not able to vote in person because of work or military service. Your nominated proxy must be registered to vote, and can vote in the polling station allocated to you on your polling card. To nominate a proxy vote:

England, Wales and Scotland: Complete the following form by 5pm December 4th:

Northern Ireland: Complete the following form by 5pm November 21st:

By Post: You can register to have your voting card sent to you by post, for you to complete and post back. Your postal vote must arrive to the Electoral Registration Office by 10pm on December 12th. You do not need to give a reason to get a postal vote, and can register to get one:

England, Wales and Scotland: Complete the following form by 5pm November 26th:

Northern Ireland: Complete the following form by 5pm November 21st:


More Information

Information on parties is readily available online, and it's recommended you read into each party to make sure you're voting for the issues that matter to you. Remember: Where you get your information matters! The media and the press may have a political leaning and so it's good to do as much research as you can, ideally from non-partisan sources. Manifestos from each party will be avilable closer to the election.

You may be interested in tactical voting - whereby you choose whether to vote in London or your home constituency based on where you are more likely to make a difference to the outcome - or spoiling your ballot - whereby you deface your ballot paper and don't cast a vote - however please read into these options online!

The following links are also helpful for voting and understanding the electoral process.

Voting in England, Wales and Scotland:

Voting in Ireland:

The electoral process:


If You're Not Eligible to Vote:

If you are not eligible to vote in the UK General Election you can still use your power to encourage others to vote, or lobby and campaign for the political party you would like to get elected. You can still make a difference in the election!


*This article has been designed to help students register to vote and the information within it is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting. For more indepth information please check the above links, the government website, or other useful online sources. This post will be altered as and when we are aware of more information or anything incorrect has been highlighted*

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