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content warning: this story contains information relating to sexual violence including childhood sexual abuse.

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We've been working on Enough is Enough for many years. This is our campaign to create a consent culture at SOAS, with zero tolerance of sexual harassment, collective learning on respecting boundaries, and empowering survivors. 

We're very happy to be working once again with Silke & Sejal from the Survivors' Collective and Not The Only One this year.

Throughout this academic year we are offering a support group in collaboration between the Enough is Enough campaign and the Not The Only One project. The group is open to SOAS students of any gender who have experienced any form of sexual violence, including sexual abuse in childhood. It will be run by two experienced facilitators and survivor-activists from the Not The Only One project.

When and Where?

The group will start in November 2019 from then on will take place every 2nd week until June 2020, with some breaks around the winter and spring holidays. The sessions will be taking place on Wednesday evenings from 6.30-8.30pm at SOAS.

What can I expect?

Both from our own experience as well as in our work with survivors we have become aware of how important and helpful it can be for us to have spaces where we can ‘be’ as survivors. The support group aims to create a space where survivors can come together, share experiences and explore themes which affect us - this might include emotionally, at uni, in relationships, with families or friends, etc.

How can I join the group?

To join the group just send us an email at and we will arrange a brief chat with you before you come along to the next session. The group will be run as an open group, so people once the sessions have started people will still be able to join until we have reached capacity.


Silke Grygier is a survivor-activist, psychologist, and HCPC-registered dramatherapist. They have previously worked as a school counsellor with young people in education and have founded the Survivors’ Collective, an activist project for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Since January 2018 they run the Not The Only Project, which develops effective methods to support students who have experienced sexual violence through a variety of proactive formats in universities. Sejal Chad is an HCPC-registered arts psychotherapist and sexual violence activist. She has long-term experience in the mental health and community support fields, including suicide intervention and managing the counselling service in a secondary school. She widely supports individuals and groups to deal with the long-term effects of abuse and trauma.


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