Spring Election Results

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Please find below the results of the SOAS Union 2018 Elections. The turnout was 1207, which is down on previous years, however due to the disruption caused by the strikes and the weather we were forecasting an even lower turnout. We would like to congratulate all the candidates, winners and losers, for their hard work campaigning and being a vital part of Union Democracy.

The post of Co-President Activities And Events was not counted as there is currently a complaint around this election being investigated. We do not count until a complaint and any appeal has been dealt with. The rest of the results are below. Note that as we use the alternative vote system, there are sometimes multiple rounds where the least popular candidates second votes get re-allocated. Underlined candiates were the eventual winner.

Rounds 1st  2nd  3rd
Co-President Democracy & Education      
Dhruv Shreyas Ramnath 51    
Hamish Anderson 301 307 347
Rachel Hau-Yu Tam 289 299 349
Christian Douglas Dixon 182 199  
R.O.N. 10    
Co-President Activities & Events      
Sophie Bennett 471    
Jethro Jenkins 280    
Re-Open Nominations 31    
Co-President Welfare & Campaigns      
Dinah Yaqub 280    
Jess Kumwongpin-Barnes 395    
R.O.N. 22    
Co-President Equality & Liberation      
Youssra Omer Farouk Elmagboul 315 363  
Nima Mudey 270 322  
Katouche Goll 214    
R.O.N. 13    
Accommodation Officer      
Jonny Morrison 481    
R.O.N. 52    
Anti-racism Officer      
Krish Sanjiv Aurora 492    
R.O.N. 70    
Campaigns Officer      
Saly Toure & Vanessa Berhe 450    
R.O.N. 76    
Disabled Students & Carers Officer      
Beulah Samuel-Ogbu & India Rose Fuller Ayling 508    
R.O.N. 16    
Environment Officer      
Bareera Ahmed 152    
Jamila Alexandra Versi 419    
R.O.N. 10    
International Officer      
Ahmed Imtiaz 334    
Antonio Fronteddu and Siun Frances Post 312    
R.O.N. 7    
Mature Students' Officer      
M Kabeer Majeed 128    
Tania Raquel Assuncao Martins 298    
R.O.N. 16    
LGBTQIA+ Officer      
Peadar Davey 254    
R.O.N. 33    
Sports Officer      
Inigo Carro 295    
Matthew Mee & Holly Sampson 253    
R.O.N. 43    
Women's Officer      
Catherine Emmanuella Koroma Whitfield 61 70 89
Cindy Tan & Josefine Brons 85 93 109
Jennifer Brough  44    
Marta Perez Fernandez and Nadine Al-Manqour 56 68  
R.O.N. 3    
Entertainments Officer      
Yijia Tu 487    
R.O.N. 34    
People of Colour Officer      
Sabrina Shah and Hafsah Janjua 78    
Talya Scott-Mason 25    
R.O.N. 6    
Trans* and Gender Identity Officer      
Freya Eva Matthews 9    
Sonja Shah 17    
R.O.N. 0    


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