Reorganising Cycle Racks

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SOAS is reorganising cycle racks Monday 21 August 2017 by identifying & removing abandoned bikes - this will allow us to free up spaces for other users. 

We will be labelling bikes in the three weeks leading up to 21 August 2017. Any bikes which still have labels on on August 21st will be considered 'abandoned' and will be removed. Any locks still attached after this date will also be damaged and disposed of. If you are still using your bike, please remove any tags attached and dispose of them responsibly.

Please do not attach your bike to trees, lamp posts, railings or gates as they will also be removed.

If you are around SOAS this summer and using your bike frequently, no need to worry about it being removed - only bikes with tags still on (which haven't been moved in 3 weeks) will be removed.

Once bikes have been removed, we will store them for several weeks in case their owners come and claim them. Following this, they will be refurbished and sold to students in the new term, with proceeds going towards supporting cycling at SOAS. 

For further information, please visit G6, ground floor, or email:

Thank you!!




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