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RSA Elections

The elections for the Research Students Association for 2024-25 are here!

Voting Open Now! 


What is the RSA? 

The SOAS Research Students’ Association is a student-led organisation, associated with the SOAS Students’ Union, which represents postgraduate research students across the school, communicating our needs with the Doctoral School, and fighting for positive changes in various forums.  

The SOAS Research Students’ Association aims to represent the interests of all post-graduate research student at SOAS, campaign on PGR issues and support relevant campaigns that affect PGRs. The RSA additionally provides a social forum for PGRs, peer help and support and encourages students to engage in opportunities of professional development. 

If you want to learn more about RSA and what being a board member involves, join us for an online information session on Wednesday 24th April at 3pm. 

What are the rules within the RSA? 

The RSA is made up of a President, a Vice-President, and a panel of Board members. The President and Vice-President are directly elected, and the Board is comprised of PGR departmental student representatives. Currently, your President is Ekabali Ghosh, your Vice-President is Charlie Oubridge, and your active Board members are Declan Prout, Yingbai Fu, Xinuo Liang and Priya Rowjee-Lewis. 

What are some of the things the RSA has achieved this year?  

Monthly meetings with the Doctoral School team to raise students concerns; involvement in decision-making at SOAS by participating in boards, panels, committees and working groups; working with the Doctoral School to improve the processing of grants; campaigning on extensions for students whose studies have been affected by COVID-19; supporting Research and Knowledge Exchange activities; launching the Research Community Reading List. 

Where does the RSA represent students? 

We represent PGRs is in monthly meetings with the Doctoral School and sit on various committees within the university and Students’ Union, including the Senate and Board of Trustees. Through these meetings, we represent the voices of PGR students on matters including Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE) and Research Ethics. 

How can you get involved?  

You can get involved by nominating yourself for the roles of President or Vice-President in our upcoming RSA elections, which are held annually in Term 3, or by standing for departmental student representative roles in Term 1 which will automatically place you on the RSA board. From here, you can volunteer to be on certain committees that interest you.  

What are the rules of the election? 

To nominate yourself/ enter the elections, please send an email to with your name, student number, department, role that you are standing for, 200 word bio and 200 word manifesto telling research students why you are interested in a particular post.  

The manifesto can also be in form of a video as long as you send us a written version for accessibility. 

Voting Open Now! 


  1. Candidates must treat other candidates, students and members of the public with respect. This includes engaging in healthy debate, to not to campaign negatively or defame individuals character.  

  2. Candidates’ campaigns should be fully transparent and accountable to the union.  

  3. Candidates must not do anything to gain an unfair advantage.  

  4. Candidates must not undermine the fair and democratic running of elections.  

  5. Candidates shall be responsible for the actions of their campaign teams. 

  6. Candidates must not break any general Union and School rules and regulations. This also includes the Law. 

If you feel that any rules have been breached please contact Reem Walid -


What is the timeline? 

22nd April 2024, 12pm (midday): Nominations open. 

24th April 2024, 3pm: Information session. 

1st May 2024, 12pm: Nominations close.  

9th May 2024, 12pm: Elections begin and voting opens. 

13th May 2023, 12pm: Elections close.  

14th May 2023: Announcement of results. 


Voting Open Now! 


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