Latest SOAS Management Failing! Oppose it!

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Students, friends, comrades, dudes,


On the back of the SOAS General Announcement on Friday 10th November, we are writing to inform you of this year’s management failing. Don’t be alarmed it happens annually, and in a way it’s comforting to know that some things never change.


What if we were to tell you that the school was closing down tomorrow due to a hideous amount of highly poisonous poison found in the roof? Well, that would be preferable to what has happened.


So SOAS management has this great idea that they know better than the collective voice of the student and academic (as well as most the professional) community. They think that what students want to ‘connect them with their subject’ and give them a sense of ‘belonging’ at SOAS involves driving, yet another, wedge of middle management and bureaucracy in between students and their departments.


This ‘wedge’ - as we have called it - is known as ‘One Professional Service’. Do you remember the faculty structure? There were three of them and the school said they were bad so now we have 11 departments. The logical thing to do at this stage would be to co-locate support staff with these new departments right? Apparently not! Instead we’re going to get the worst of the old faculty structure - i.e. poor departmental support - with the worst of the new - i.e. some weird department  structure that we fought against all last year.


Hope that clears things up!


Steps to take from here:


1 - If you have any questions or concerns about one professional service please email the following email address:


2 - Join the National Free Education Demonstration this Wednesday 15th November, 12:45PM on the SOAS Steps.


3 - Come to the SU General Meeting on Thursday 16th November, 5PM in the Junior Common Room to discuss steps forward with fellow students.


4 - Read and sign the petition.



Nisha, Halimo, dimitri, & Mehdi xx.


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