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LGBTQ+ History Month

Find out about all the events SOAS SU is hosting for LGBTQ+ History Month.


LGBTQ+ History Month

Collective Grief in Queer Communities

Thursday 9th February 6pm

Register via Eventbrite - 

Grief inherently runs in queer existence - whether that's due to our omitted histories, enormous losses in our community, or an uncertain future. In this workshop, writer and facilitator June Bellebono encourages us to reflect on our experiences with grief - on both a personal and community level - and channel this into the creation of new untapped legacies: how do we honour those who have lost? How do we keep up their fights and desires? What do we do with all this grief?Through a collective reading exercise, followed by an informal group conversation, this group will explore our journey with grief and what potential it can hold.



Mental Health Workshop for Queer Students

Monday 13th February 5-6:30pm - Online

Rethink are offering SOAS LGBTQ+ students a free, interactive workshop on how LGBTQ+ students can care for their mental health, and each other, as part of a student wellbeing programme. Our workshop is exclusively for LGBTQ+ students, and is delivered by trained LGBTQ+ student facilitators. We know that university can bring a lot of challenges to a person’s mental health- from academic & financial stress, to juggling responsibilities and trying to have a good time. This is especially the case for LGBTQ+ students, who are already more likely to experience mental health problems as a result of the discrimination and homophobia and/or transphobia they face in everyday life.

Our workshop aims to offer those students:

· Help to feel less alone in their experiences through discussion with others

· A choice of relevant coping mechanisms that they may find useful

· Information about where they can access further support if they need it

We want to reach LGBTQ+ students early on in their mental health journey, and give them a positive experience of being listened to and understood.


Zoom Details

Meeting ID: 833 5889 2828

Passcode: 848898




Queer and LGBTQ+ History Private London Tour for SOAS students

Tuesday 14th February Email for a spot!

Join us as we explore the vast and complex history of LGBTQ+ life in London, with stories of iconic people and places who have shaped the city and community through the centuries.

Weaving through the streets of London’s West End, we learn about pioneering drag queens from the 1700’s, secret gay soirées of the 1920’s, and the infamous development of Soho, one of the world’s best loved queer neighbourhoods.

Today the LGBTQ+ community’s presence can be seen across every borough and street in London. Though many inequalities still exist, we take pride in a community which has been through so much, from repression and persecution, to violence and discrimination, yet continues to strive towards bringing equality and inclusivity to all.


Teach-Outs on the Picket Line!

Look out for the teach-out schedule during strike action, as we have plenty of teach-outs lined up for LGBTQ+ history month. These are some of the teach-outs we have lined up!

1. History of Policing Queer Communities + Securitisation at SOAS

2. What does it mean to be an ally? - Discussion with the LGBTQ+ students’ caucus


Gender and Sexuality in South East Asian Cinema



Queer Student/Staff Social Mixer

Monday 20th February 2-4pm - JCR

Join us for food, drinks, music and good vibes in the JCR for a queer student/staff social mixer. This is an opportunity for students and staff to meet with each other, have a chat and build relationships. The LGBTQ+ students’ caucus envision this opportunity to be one in which we can build a solid network between staff and students to be able to support each other in the future. Come along!



Queer Sexual Consent Workshops Form to sign up on the Enough is Enough page on the SU website




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