Hello from New Sabbs!

The 4 sabbs smiling in the SU Office, in front of a whiteboard saying 'Welcome new sabbs 2019/20'


  • Our first week! 
  • Open student forum on Friday, 19th July at 3pm in S312 
  • Share with us what concerns and goals we should be focusing on. 


Hey folx,

July is finally here and we're in our second week in office. Firstly, we wanted to thank you once again for (re!)electing us to these important roles. We are truly grateful and excited. We also wanted to provide an update on what we have been up to so far. 

Our first week has been an intense one, combining meetings, some admin, and lots of learning. Also, as you may have heard, Peter Baran, our current General Manager, is leaving after being in the SU for 21 years. Therefore, we also took part in the selection process for his successor, so look out for more information on that!

However, our first week also included many conversations on how to shape a union that allows as many students as possible to feel represented. As you may know, we are all deeply concerned about accountability, representation and democracy which are some of our priorities for the year. It is precisely for that reason that we are reaching out to you here. As the new sabbatical officers, we are determined to hear from students, societies and groups about their struggles and achievements from the year just gone, as well as their plans for the future. 

So please come along to our open forum on Friday, 19th of July at 15:00  in room S312 where we'll meet with societies, groups and individuals. We understand that this is the summer period and many students are away but we would like to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. We will hold more of these events in the new term and throughout the academic year. However, if you are unable to attend the forum, please use this form to share any ideas you have, campaigns you care about, events you want to run or if you need any help or advice - we’re here to support and facilitate and would like to know how to best do it.

We want to ensure that student feedback is central to the work we do. Our tasks and progression should be transparent to those we represent. For this reason, we are currently considering different methods of communicating effectively during the coming year. We will be trialing methods to measure which get the best attendance and are the most conducive to healthy debate and effective action. Please share with us any potential ideas about how this may look to you. Additionally, we want to make sure that we are ready and informed. So if there is any particular reading or information you would like us to take note of or be familiar with, please let us know. 

Lastly, please feel free to come see us in G8 or drop us an email; we are here for you all during the summer so please get in touch! 

*Insert motivational sign off here*

Peadar, Maxine, Youssra and Valeria

Peadar - Co President Activities and Events (pc61@soas.ac.uk)

Maxine - Co President Democracy and Education (mt98@soas.ac.uk)

Youssra - Co President Equality and Liberation (ye3@soas.ac.uk)

Valeria - Co President Welfare and Campaigns (vr8@soas.ac.uk)

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