Festival of Resisting Borders

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The Festival of Resisting Borders is happening at SOAS on the 5th & 6th of October! The event will include workshops, discussions, & strategising sessions that provide practical skills and knowledge in opposing the everyday borders that affect migrants. This is a free event open to migrants, activists, students, university staff, and allies.


Introducing the Coalition Against Borders

Prime Minister Theresa May's 'hostile environment' policy, enacted while Home Office Secretary, has become law. Now immigration checks and raids have intensified, with checks being carried out in train and bus stations, inside the NHS, in businesses, in schools, with the police, in private housing, and also inside universities creating untold precarity and violence against both documented and undocumented migrants.


Introducing the Festival of Resisting Borders

With the help of the SOAS Students’ Union, the Coalition Against Borders is convening a 2-days long  Festival of Resisting Borders: Fighting Hostile Environment in the University & Beyond on the 5-6 October 2017 during Black History Month at SOAS Russell Square campus. Over the two days, there will be workshops run by different grassroots, campaigns around the following themes: (A) Resisting the Hostile Environment and Surveillance in Education, Health, Everyday Life and (B) Migrant Workers Organising Against Labour Precarity. On Friday 6th October, there will also be an afternoon Social Justice Fayr with stalls run by organisations involved in disability rights, sex worker rights, police and state violence and opposing the arms trade from across London, as well as a closing panel discussion on No Borders! No White Supremacy!


(A) Resisting the Hostile Environment and Surveillance in Education, Health, Everyday Life

(B) Migrant workers organising against labour precarity

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Panel discussion:

No Borders! No White Supremacy!

Growing out of the discussions and work put into the Festival, this panel discussion seeks to tease out and expose the intersections of everyday borders, workplace exploitation, migrant demonisation and invisibilisation, etc. It is evident that borders are not an isolated and pernicious evil, but indeed intertwined with wider structures and oppressive cultures that hand over power to those privileged by the white transphobic, homophobic, racist patriarchy. Hence, our fight against borders is a fight to claim our power back and dismantle the white supremacy which robs us of lives, freedoms, and peace. Each and every participant in this struggle is a cherished member of our collective struggle against white supremacy, and we are honoured to have them join us for this panel discussion.


Social Justice Fayr:

This will be happening in the Brunei Suite on the 6th of October, 2:00-5:00PM


The social justice fayr and panel are open to all!

For more information contact us at CoAgBo2017@gmail.com.


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