Add to the SOAS SU Email

Add to the SOAS SU Email

SOAS Students' Union sends an email to all students every Friday, known informally as "the all student email".

"The all student email" is a way for SOAS students, sports, societies and campaigns to advertise to the entire student body at SOAS. The email is formed entirely of pieces submitted by SOAS students, collated and sent by SOAS SU. To have something advertised in our all student email:

  1. Make sure the content is relavent to SOAS students
    We will not circulate anything attempting to sell to students, or would not be of interest to the general student body
  2. Draft your piece
    Write a snappy title, and a piece of text 300 words or less. It is your responsibility to write your piece - the SU will simply collate and include it.
    Make sure anything to be linked has been hyperlinked.
    Include some form of contact details for students.
    Please note: There is a max file size for attachments and so we cannot garauntee attachments will be sent too!
  3. Send to
    Our Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator will collate and organise sending the all student email!
    Make sure you send anything for the email by Thursday night, as the SU email may be sent early on Friday morning.
    Please note: We will not keep an email to post recurringly. You will need to send your piece again the next week to be included in the next email.

Remember, we are currently only sending this email on Fridays! To advertise for an event happening next week you will need to submit something by Thursday of the current week.

You can also advertise your events using our JCR Walls Padlet!

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