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A Quick Guide to Mitigating Circumstances

A Quick Guide to Mitigating Circumstances

What are Mitigating Circumstances?

Mitigating Circumstances serve as a safety net for students facing unforeseen obstacles impacting their academic performance. These short-term issues can significantly disrupt your ability to study, submit assessments, or prepare for exams.

Mitigating Circumstances are non-academic problems that arise suddenly, making it difficult to meet deadlines or perform at your best. They must occur during or immediately before a deadline period to be considered.

How to Apply

Students can apply for three types of assistance under the Mitigating Circumstances Policy:

a) Extension: When you're unable to submit coursework by the due date due to mitigating circumstances.

b) Deferral: When you can't complete an exam or coursework, even with an extension, due to mitigating circumstances.

c) Unfit to Sit: When you believed you were ready for an assessment but were negatively affected by mitigating circumstances.

Access the application form by searching for Mitigating Circumstances via the Student Information Desk (SID). Remember, submit one application per assignment, even if deadlines coincide.

Important Deadlines & Required Evidence

For extensions (including self-certification), apply by 23:59pm on the assessment deadline day. For deferrals or 'unfit to sit', submit your application no later than 23:59pm, 7 days after the original deadline.

Support your application with original evidence, such as doctor's notes, hospital reports, or police reports. Counselling reports as well as evidence from Student Advice and Wellbeing services are also acceptable, if you’ve previously accessed support from the team.

Seeking Further Support

Should you require assistance during standard University hours, or seek virtual aid, we encourage you to connect with the Student Hub Team via SID, or by visiting in person where the team is based in the lower ground of the PWW. You could also book an appointment with the Students' Union Advice team, by filling out the form on the website.

By proactively seeking support, we hope you can effectively navigate any issues or worries you’re having during this busy time!


Academic Regs for 22/23 Onwards: SOAS Taught Degree Regulations 2022_23 onwards.pdf

Academic Regs for Pre-22/23: Taught Degree Regulations continuing students.pdf (


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