Things to do in London

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Recomendations from other students

Primrose Hill: whether for sunrise or sunset or an afternoon nap, whether the sun is beaming or it's really grey, whether with your friend, your lover or even your parents - basically, it always works and never gets old!

Southbank Center: so much music, art and theater and so many student discounts.  It's really affordable and there are great things on... It's happened to me before, to go listen to the London Philharmonic orchestra on a Sunday night for FREE. Just keep checking the website!

Holland Park: I ended up here one random Sunday again and didn't want to leave! It's great because it could be someone's garden rather than a public park. 

Culpepper Community Garden - Islington (very close to Dinwiddy):  It's a little secret garden kept with much love by its community members and volunteers. Beautiful spot to relax, read, think, do what you gotta do in tranquility. 

Regent's Canal (between angel and Victoria park): A beer on the canal on a sunny day is pretty much perfection.

Indian YMCA - 41 Fitzroy Square: All you can eat of homemade Indian cuisine served till I think 7 pm for 7 quid. Really good! 

56a bikespace - behind the corner from miserable elephant and castle:  A  marvellous coop of peeps who'll fix your bikes for free (and get you new pieces in exchange for cookies). bare in mind

The Cable - lil (proper) pub at the beginning of Brixton Road, between an off licence and a fried chicken:  Every Tuesday night very, very, very good live music (foffree) - checkitout

The Jamboree (Limehouse): Awesome little venue, former little theatre, part of a little coop of artists who have their little studios in the building: it's a nice little place for small bands, quite cheap as well. Head there in the evening and you might catch a lively klezmer jam, a raucous night of flamenco music and dancing, or a mellow night of melancholic English folk ballads by candlelight. 

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden: Garden, live music, pizza oven, veg box deliveries from's just a very mellow and happy vibe here with lots of different kinds of music...a lot of folk though, but i think reggae and African jamming happens to and people are nice and friendly...not pretentious from what I remember.

Tate Modern: For inspired, calming walks....because its purrrrrty and fun

Menelik Restaurant and Bar- 277 Caledonian Road: In my and many others opinion best place for Ethiopian near SOAS....the one very near kings x is more expensive, staff can be rude, the njema is too sour etc....this one is for good food and super friendly staff and nice atmosphere and the shiro is bangin’.

Portobello market- yes its touristy but it still has its old Londonite crowd, especially the Goldborne road end, and the food stall- both veg and fruit and street food are yummmmmmmmy, and cheap. and there's almost always a man playing steel drums, a man walking around with a dog on his shoulders and lovely crazies and no matter when i go or what i am going through, I always leave portobello happy and smiling with a skip in my step....but that may because my history with the place...but i mean, in terms of all dat multicultural shit soas likes to pretend it offers, this place has a sexy selection of street foods- Ghanaian (best food stall there in my opinion), paella, meditarranenean, then on Saturdays there's a whole other selection of food stalls from anywhere and changes. atmosphere is just happy.

Hootanannies:  Free or cheaper during week (Thursday is good), and less chilled plus more expensive on weekends...but good vibes always for boogying albeit being pushed around a lot.

The canal bit behind Kings Cross: When you cut through the main square where the granary store restaurant and beautiful fountain displays are....and walk down the stairs to the canal, then you can go and sit under the bridge or whatever it is at night....when the water is super calm and its all quiet and serene and safe.....feels like you are not in London anymore

Spiral Lounge- Camden: Amazing vegan food and healthy stuff for health lovers, beautiful spot above the canal with boats going past, camdenites galore- always great for people watching and turns into a sweaty lil dj dancing box at night once a week....but i mean the vegan cakes are just phenomenal

Cold steel- piercing studio in Camden: Best place to get piercings me thinks...julie the piercing lady is super nice and reassuring and have never had a problem there...and know many piercing addicts who swear by that place. 

Old Vic: £12 (including in the front row) in every performance for 25’s and under. -

National Theatre

The Globe Theatre:
The Globe dates back to 1599 and many of Shakespeare’s plays premiered there. It’s been reconstructed pretty much to its identical original form and now presents many of Shakespeare’s plays and other classical works. It’s a pretty incredible experience, especially on a summer evening (there’s no roof). If you’re wondering if this has “to be or not to be” expensive – it doesn’t! (that’s a Hamlet joke by the way...) Standing tickets are only £5 and they are, in my opinion, the best place to be as you’re right at the front and in the action (practically in the show!), and seated tickets are pretty cheap as well. The Globe is also in a beautiful spot, next to river. Pop into the Tate next door (free!) for contemporary art and stroll along the pedestrianised Southbank. Highly recommend this historical, awe-inspiring experience!  

Bambi Café – Just opposite the British museum (5mins walk from SOAS) there is a road called Museum Street, on it you will find a little Korean café that serves Korean spicy pork, spicy beef, bibimbap or katsu curry with sticky rice, all for £4.00 (takeaway)  - great value if you need a hot meal and a break from the library. (Closes at 8pm)

Passing Clouds (Dalston) :  A live-music venue in the heart of Dalston, NE London. It lays emphasis on the world music scene as well as supporting independent and conscious musicians. Events also feature hip hop, cumbia, swing and reggae nights. Other events include People's Kitchen, Sunday Jams, Meditation, Movie screening and discussions.

Falafil hut: in Shepherds Bush market is definitely in my top 5 London joints to get munch.

Drummond Street: Just a short walk from SOAS, near Euston Station is a street filled with delicious food from the Indian Sub-Continent.

Diwana, a great place to get a South Indian Dosa (savoury crisp pancake stuffed with spiced potato - £7) – SOAS favourite

Simply Chicken (halal): known to be one of the best fried chicken joints in London. 

Ambala: an Indian Sweet Shop, though also specialises in cheap samosas and pakoras.

Jamboree, Limehouse - Great little place to hear some real live music. Not too pretentious or overrun by hipsters (when last I checked) and usually cheap. Head there in the evening and you might catch a lively klezmer jam, a raucous night of flamenco music and dancing, or a mellow night of melancholic English folk ballads by candlelight. 

The Bree Louise, Euston: This is a really nice pub situated within walking distance of the SOAS library! The reason to visit is simple - great English ale. For those not yet accustomed the flat, lukewarm wonders of ale, head to the bar and ask one of the knowledgeable barmen/women to recommend a pint. 

The Bandstand at Regents Park:  If the studying gets a little too much and you need to escape somewhere quiet, head towards the boating lake in Regent's park. Just across the lake is the bandstand, and the grass around it is carpeted by daisies around exam time, as well as mellow, content humans if the sun decides to shine.