G(end)er Swap N' Drag: Queer clothing pop-up & Make-up Workshop!
Clothing swap with a priority for non-binary, transgender, gender non-conforming+ students who are looking for a safe space to get new clothes. There will also be drag makeup tutorials.

G(end)er Swap N' Drag: Queer clothing pop-up & Make-up Workshop!

When: Fri 30 November 2018 13:00-18:00
Where: Russell Room and JCR


On the 30th of November, 2018, the SOAS LGBTQIA+ and Drag Societies will be teaming up with Gender Swap to host a clothes swap event for gender non-conforming individuals including trans, non- binary and gender fluid individuals to access clothes in a community space.

*Please bring clothes you no longer identify with and swap for ones you do! 

A sliding scale donation between 3 and 10 pounds is suggested for the items you take home.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Drag artists, Ophelia Love and Patri-Archie will be visiting to give a drag queen & drag king make-up tutorial. Bring your own make-up if you want to practice along! 


*A DIY alterations corner to jazz up your clothes: fabric paint and basic sewing essentials provided. Bring patches or any fabrics you woud like to use!

*QUEERTEXSTYLES interactive installation: come share your style story with G(end)er Swap's new style archive & photo exhibition. 


The event will take place in The Russell Room, SOAS main building. The tutorials will be in the JCR (times TBA). 

This is a wheelchair accessible venue.

G(end)er Swap Mission Statement:

G(end)er Swap ensures that no offensive language is featured on any clothing provided at swap events, stock featured at pop up store locations, or social media posts.

We acknowledge that humans come in all shapes and sizes as well as have a diverse range of clothing preferences. Therefore we try our best to represent this in our clothing stock. G(end)er Swap is reliant on donations and therefore cannot make this a guarantee. We do make specific donation call outs to ensure there is a range of sizes/styles.

G(end)er Swap takes into consideration chemical sensitivities and makes sure that all clothing items are pre-washed and FRAGRANCE FREE.

G(end)er Swap events are facilitated by Santina (they/them), founder of the project & a gender non-conforming human who has a knack for thrifting, weird dance moves & astrology.

For any inquiries please contact Santina at genderswapp@gmail.com

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