Jashn-e Tirgan 2018 at SOAS
Jashn-e Tirgan: a concert of Persian, Kurdish and Azari music

Jashn-e Tirgan 2018 at SOAS

When: Sat 14 July 2018 19:30-21:30
Where: SOAS - Djam Lecture Theatre

You are cordially invited to Jashn-e Tirgan, a concert of Persian, Kurdish and Azari music, organised the SOAS Iranian music society. 

Performed by the SOAS Iranian band and guest musicians

Date: Saturday 14 July 2018

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Djam Lecture Theatre, SOAS University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, UK

Ticket prices are £15 Regular / £10 Concs / £6 Students 

Admission with advance booking only.

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About Jashn-e Tirgan:
The Festival of Tirgan similar to other ancient Iranian festivals follows the solar calendar system of day reckoning. It is celebrated on the start of Summer season about the 1st of July, the longest day of the year.

The name "TIR" has roots in the ancient Avestan name "Tishtar", the Sirius star. Sirius(dog star) was also known to the ancient Egyptians indicating the inundation of the river Nile. Today, the closest planet to sun is known as "Tir" (Atarod / Mercury). Due to its proximity to sun it suffers extreme temperature conditions.

Usually, Iranian festivals have a semi-historical legend attributed to them. The hero of Tirgan is Arash, the bow champion "Kamangir". The story is found in the ancient Avestan books and has gone since through many variations. The legend could be summarised as follows:
During the reign of the Iranian king Manouchehr, some of the Iranian land was occupied by the Turanians. As the result of draught, a long famine struck the land of Iran. Eventually, negotiation took place between Manouchehr and the Turanian king Afrasiab. It was agreed to terminate the occupation conditionally. The two sides agreed whatever land falls within the range of a bowman's shot should be returned to Iran. The Iranians to prove their worth to the Turanians chose the best archer available, Arash. On the agreed day, Arash climbed a certain mutually agreed mountain near the disputed landmass and fired his heroic arrow (tir also means arrow in Persian). The heroic shot travelled beyond belief and the champion due to exhaustion collapsed and died on the spot. The locations given in the Avesta cannot be ascertained correctly, the landing place of the arrow was apparently somewhere beyond river Oxus (Amoo Darya). It is said that after this act of heroism, justice was restored, rain followed and the long suffering of draught disappeared. 

Few days before Tirgan Festival, Iranians wear a multi-coloured thread round their wrists. On Tigan day they visit parks and pastures to celebrate and splash water on each other. The threads are thrown to the streams as a libation to wash the past sufferings away.


Looking forward to seeing you. 

Best Wishes,
The SOAS Iranian music society

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