Wages For Students - Meeting I
A first meeting on a campaign to radically transform education from pram to podium.

Wages For Students - Meeting I

When: Fri 19 January 2018 14:00-15:00
Where: B204, 2nd Floor, Brunei Gallery Building

In response to the government’s continuing efforts to marketise education, the Students’ Union will be launching a Wages for Students campaign. How does that sound? If you’re interested, take a look at the articles below and come to a Wages For Students meeting at 2PM, Friday 19th January, in room B204.

Below is a motivating and recommended reading list to prepare for our first meeting. Bring your dreams too!

Wages for Students pamphlet: http://zerowork.org/WagesForStudents.html

A cute interview with students doing a ‘Wages for Schoolwork’ petition: http://zerowork.org/1974WfSLondon.html

Another analysis of schoolwork as unwaged labour, from 'Wages for Homework': http://zerowork.org/GrantWagesForHomework.html



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