Trans caucus with newly elected Trans* and GI officer

Trans caucus with newly elected Trans* and GI officer

When: Fri 24 March 2017 18:00-19:00

***Trans Caucuses***

Hi, this is Jess, your elected Trans*&Gender Identity officer, thank you thank you for voting! As promised, I'm holding trans caucuses in order to hear from you about your thoughts about the SU, representation and what we can do in our university to make it a place that better works with/for us! I'm holding two, one hour long sessions this week:

3pm Wednesday 22/3, room S209

6pm Friday 24/3, room 232

Come to one, come to both it's up to you. I'll be sat in a room for an hour so please come talk to me/anyone else who'd like to discuss anything to do with trans representation and support.

NOTE: These are open only to those who self-identify as trans, that is, people whose gender identity does not align with the one that they were assigned with at birth. This also includes people who identify as non-binary, genderfluid, agender/gender neutral (and therefore don't have a gender identity) and all of those genders that aren't normative. 

If you're questioning, I'll have some resources outside of the room for you to take but otherwise cis-people this isn't a space for you! 

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