The Role of Museums in Displaying Refugee Narratives

The Role of Museums in Displaying Refugee Narratives

When: Thu 11 February 2021 18:00-19:30

The Role of Museums in Displaying Refugee Narratives is an online webinar discussing the role of museums in portraying and engaging with refugee histories in the UK. These two museums offer unique insights into how institutions can give visuality and voice to refugee communities, with a specific focus on the challenge of building new lives in new countries. This event also hopes to explore the new challenges museums face in communicating these narratives in such uncertain times. The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A.

This event is held by SolidariTee, the largest student-led charity fighting for long-term change in the refugee crisis by funding legal aid NGO's to support refugees, asylum-seekers, and displaced peoples in Europe. By attending you are contributing to SolidariTee's awareness raising work. The webinar will take place online via Zoom, a link will be sent once you have registered, please register for the event hereThe webinar is free, but we suggest contributing a £3 donation to support SolidariTee's work.

For more information about the work of SolidariTee, visit


About the speakers:


Eleanor Head is the Head of the IWM Institute at the Imperial War Museum.


Liberty Melly is Education and Events Manager at the Migration Museum.


Chair: Ali Fitzpatrick (SOAS) and Abigayle Rhode-Pausina (SOAS)

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