UGM Policy Drop-Ins

UGM Policy Drop-Ins

When: Mon 08 February 2021 15:00-17:00

Are you thinking about submitting a policy proposal for the upcoming SU Union General Meeting? Policy passed in our UGM will be active in the SU for 3 years, and it's important to make sure your idea is clear and well presented in order to pass and be actioned easily.

On Monday 8th February, 3pm - 5pm, Sabrina (Co-President Democracy & Education) and Jack (SU Governance, Communication & Sustainability Coordinator) will be holding 20 minute drop in sessions for anyone thinking about submitting a policy idea to come and talk through their proposal.

In these sessions we will talk through your ideas with you and:

  • Provide feedback on the formatting and clarity of your proposal
  • Highlight any areas you should think about regarding your proposal (such as cost / impact)
  • Provide advice on how the UGM will run, and what you should do to prepare
  • Provide more detailed advice on the work the SU can do to help achieve your proposal that you may not have thought about, but may be easier! 

To book a slot, please select the time you'd like from this calendar link. If there are no slots available, or you are not free during this time but would like the support, please contact Sabrina or Jack to arrange a different time.

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