Panel Discussion: Appropriation of Ballroom Culture

Panel Discussion: Appropriation of Ballroom Culture

When: Fri 21 February 2020 18:00-20:00
Where: DLT

~~~~~~~~~Brief Overview of The Ballroom Scene~~~~~~~~~

The Harlem Ballroom Scene, which emerged in 1960's New York, is a community created by LGBTQ+ Black and Latinx people, many of whom were estranged from their families, homeless or living a closeted life. The Ballroom Scene provided queer people of colour with a safe space to develop, practice and embrace their identity through Balls where people would walk (compete) in different categories to bring glory, and sometimes some cash, to their house (chosen family). This scene led to the creation of many popular movements such as voguing.


The Ballroom Scene was mostly practised in Clandestine until the 1990's with the release of Jennie Livingston's Documentary 'Paris is Burning' and Madonna's single 'Vogue.' Both brought Ballroom culture to the mainstream, but their methods of doing so were questionable.


The Ballroom Scene rescinded back into the underground during the 2000's until it was re-introduced to the public in the 2010's through TV shows like 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' and 'Pose' as well as having many elements from Ballroom music being used by popular artists such as J-Lo, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Azealia Banks, and more.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Panel~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In this panel discussion, we have invited some pioneers from the London Ballroom Scene to come and talk about the representation of Ballroom Culture in the mainstream, how appropriation of the culture has effected it and how one can get involved without leading further to the watering down of this culture.


The Panel will be followed by the XXXPression Late Licence. More details on that TBA.


Free admission for SOAS Students, £3 for the Panel, £5 for the Panel and Afterparty.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Panelists~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Diva Miyake-Mugler

Welcoming UK's very own Diva Miyake-Mugler, London's Queen Of The Oldway.

Being one of the first of this generation to help establish and build a ballroom scene in London and bring knowledge to the kids, as well as introducing the Oldway performance to this generation in London. She is well known for her classique, clean, unbothered and cunt presence and performance. A person of influence in her community she always endeavours to encourage, uplift and be a source of strength.


Bronze Dijon

Overseer of The Royal House of Dijon, Bronze is a voguer & broccoli enthusiast who has won 10 Grand Prizes for Pop, Dip & Spin (aka. Old Way Vogue) since 2016.

When not serving poses (or veg), they can be found co-hosting QTPOC-centered events; including open vogue practices/workshops and London's first & longest running weekly Ballroom night - Vogue Rites (@voguerites).

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