DISCUSSION: What is going on in Kashmir?

DISCUSSION: What is going on in Kashmir?

When: Fri 09 August 2019 17:00-19:00
Where: S104

Over the last week, the Union of India revoked the special status of the disputed State of Jammu & Kashmir granted by the Indian Constitution. The issue of Kashmir is recognised as an international dispute in multiple UN resolutions on the subject.

Is the Indian government’s order to demote Jammu and Kashmir from a state to a centrally-governed territory legal, or is it a constitutional coup?

What is the history of the political struggle by the people of Jammu & Kashmir?

How has the Indian Army violated the people’s life and property in various parts of the state? What are the socio-economic stakes for the people of Jammu & Kashmir in the Indian state’s move?

Please join us for a discussion. 

Date- 09.08.2019 (Friday)

Time- 17:00-19:00 PM

Venue- B104, Brunei Gallery, SOAS

Venue is wheelchair accessible.

#StandwithKashmir #LetslistentoKashmiris


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