Autumn By-Election 2020

By-election to elect vacant SU Officer positions for the 2020/21 academic year

The polls have closed.

Environment Officer

13.1 The Environment Officer shall be consulted regarding all policy which affects the environment of the Students’ Union, with particular reference to issues of sustainable energy, recycling and reducing waste.

13.2 The Environment Officer shall liaise with the School’s Estates and Services Department to promote Union environmental policy School-wide.

13.3 The Environment Officer shall monitor and review the Union’s environmental policy and report as necessary to the Union Executive Committee and the UGM.

13.4 The Environment Officer shall run campaigns to raise awareness of environment issues outside the School and encourage debate on these issues.

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Postgraduate Research Officer

14.1 The Postgraduate Research Officer shall represent the interests of postgraduate research
students to the Union and the School.

14.2 Postgraduate Research Officer shall liaise with the Research Students Association to run events
for research students.

14.3 The Postgraduate Research Officer shall run campaigns and events appropriate to this

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