Candidate for the position of Trans* and Gender Identity Officer

Image for Victor Max Smith and Lizzy Cox

Victor Max Smith and Lizzy Cox

Hi, we are Lizzy and Victor. We’re running together for the position of Trans* and Gender Identity Officer because we know that the experiences of trans* and nonbinary people are so diverse that it’s impossible for one person to speak for all of us. We don’t think that two people can speak for all of us either, so our top priority is to listen to everyone in the trans* and nonbinary community at SOAS, particularly students who are multiply marginalised. We will be working closely with Trans* Dignity to address issues such as the provision of safe and clean gender-neutral toilets and the training of staff to respond sensitively to the needs of trans* and nonbinary students.

Trans* Dignity has drawn attention to the lack of appropriate support for trans* and nonbinary people at SOAS. We will help them in their campaign to get a trans* counsellor to SOAS, and in the meantime, we will try to form links with support and wellbeing organisations to start filling the gap. We will also work to ensure that there are emergency funds and other practical support systems for trans* and nonbinary students struggling with financial difficulties. Holding fundraising events is a possibility, as well as swap and gift meets for necessaries like binders and makeup.

Finally, we want to work with societies and other SU officers to make safe spaces for trans* and nonbinary people to socialise. This will include alcohol-optional socials such as tea parties and film nights where we can relax and have fun in a comfortable and positive environment. We would also like to collaborate with arts and crafts societies to hold creative events in stress-free spaces that prioritise our community.

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